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Conduct Your Own Personal Book Drive Fundraiser
We can help you turn your books into CASH to support your favorite cause.

My Book Drive: A Unique Fund Raising Tool for Used Book Donations.

My Book Drive is dedicated to bringing a change to the world by the redistribution of unwanted books. Having raised over $1.2 million dollars since 2006, and with so many unwanted books and textbooks, this is a great opportunity for you to support either your own organization or to join in the fight to support a worthy cause with cash contributions to the charity of your choice. We deliver the opportunity for the individual to make their own contribution or we can support large organized book drive events where dozens or hundreds of individuals may be involved.

Every penny counts. Every dollar helps. Every book will make a difference.

We donate an amount equal to the fair market value to a charity of your choice for each of your books. Our system allows you to immediately assess how much your book is worth by entering your book’s ISBN to find out its value to your group or organization!

First Online Book Drive of it Kind

My Book Drive is unlike any other book drive because we have a desire to change the world through a revolutionary concept, one that requires nothing more than one person's effort and willingness to make a change in the world. We believe that changing the world isn’t just the responsibility of one group or charity it lies with each individual. We take to heart the phrase “Think Globally and Act Locally”. Our website makes it simple for any book donor to make a contribution to any good cause at any time.

Are you an Individual Contributor?

An individual contributor is either a single person or household wanting to make a smaller contribution of a few books or a few boxes of books and without holding a book drive event.

Simply enter your books' ISBN’s to find out their value, then ship them to us free of charge and we will send a contribution equal to your books’ value to the organization of your choice. You may browse through our list to see some of the organizations you can donate to. If your organization or charity is not on our list, you may nominate it. Nominate a Good Cause now!

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We can help you raise money for a good cause. With so many unwanted books and textbooks, this is a great way to raise money for your favorite cause with books you intend to donate!
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